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The Investor Profile Snapshot is a short description quiz that will help determine your dominant investor type. The Snapshot focuses on the four major investor types:

The amount of risk an investor is willing ot take, aas well as the emotional involvement of the investor, can be used to determine the dominant investor type.

The Investor Profile Snapshot will provide you with a helpful description o f your strengths and weaknesses, as well as a few tips and tricks to help you along on your investor journey.





Find out your Dominant and Secondary investment profile.

The Investor Profile offers an accurate, insightful look into your motivations and perceptions and gives you tips and tricks to help you grow and succeed as an investor.

Here's what you get with the Investor Profile:

Your motivation, confidence, commitment, self-esteem, reasoning and emotions are just some of the inner qualities that influence your ability to make sound investment decisions.

Learn about your particular risk-response mechanism.

Get helpful tips specific to you for managing emotions while trading.

Modify your strategies to take advantage of your investment profile!

Learn to recognize the social impact on decision-making.

Recognize your risk tolerance and manage the potential for loss.

When you sign up for the full Investor Profile, you’ll get a copy of the popular Investor Profile eBook, a $19.97 value... for FREE!
Written by Shawn Lucas, head trader at the Apiary Fund and veteran market analyst with over 20 years of trading experience, this comprehensive book guides you through the self-evaluation necessary to understand your risk tolerance and emotional outlook and provides in-depth information on all of the Investor Profile traits.
Packed with useful advice for improving your investing, it's a must-read for traders looking to improve their skills and understanding of the markets.




“Shawn, thanks for calling out that trade today.  It’s so nice to see trades work.  It seems like everytime I try to do it myself I get nothing but resistance, but when you do it, it goes so smooth.”



“That was a great trade today!

I made 50 pips...  This is the first time in my life I’ve had a trade like that.  Thank you!”



“I am sending you the results I have in my funded account. Just for fun, I have focused on 'win-only' trades with no losses. So far? 37 wins & no losses!  Thank you for the trading ideas!” 


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The Investor Profile is a personality assessment that was created to help investors learn to recognize their natural, internal characteristics that both help and hinder financial success.

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